09 April 2012 Joe Chan

I recently had an issue where I was unable to restore vCenter (running in a virtual machine) to a host that vCenter was managing (quite the catch-22 situation).

Here is the error we were getting:

Access to resource settings on the host is restricted to the server 'x.x.x.x' which is managing it.  

So we need to trick the hosts into thinking they aren’t being managed by vCenter. This may or may not be supported officially by VMware, but it worked for me.

  • backup vpxa.cfg

NOTE: Check your version of ESX/ESXi to determine where the vpxa.cfg file is actually located. The location of the vpxa configuration directory changed from /etc/opt/vmware/vpxa to /etc/vmware/vpxa in ESXi 5. Here is a quick reference.

ESX and ESXi 4.x and prior:

ESXi 5:

~ # cp /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg.bak  
~ # ls /etc/vmware/vpxa  
dasConfig.xml vpxa.cfg vpxa.cfg.bak  
  • edit vpxa.cfg with the command-line text editor, “vi” (how to use vi is outside the scope of this post, but there are plenty of resources online if you would like to learn more about it):

    ~ # vi /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg

  • and replace

    1000000 root 52137432-cb9e-05d5-3bbf-001ffd2baa57 443 15 30 902



essentially removing everything between:


NOTE: Prior to booting up vCenter again after the restore, I highly recommend you restore vpxa.cfg:

~ # cp /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg.bak /etc/vmware/vpxa/vpxa.cfg  

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